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Bruce A. Ralston

Bruce A. Ralston

Are you tired of dealing with creditor harassment and unpaid bills? Are you unsure of what to next? Whether it is too much debt from credit cards, mortgage, or student loans, Memphis Debt Lawyer can help stop the pain. We can evaluate your situation and explore ways to handle your finances. For over 20 years, attorney Bruce Ralston has been fighting for the “little guy” to solve consumer debt issues. Bruce A. Ralston is certified as an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau and is subject to the terms of their dispute resolution requirements. He is the sole owner of the information connected to this web site. He only has access to information that you voluntarily provide by email or by another direct contact from you. He will not sell, rent, or otherwise supply this information to anyone without your permission.

2670 Union Ave. Extended, #1200
Memphis, TN 38112

Phone: 901-543-5045
Fax: 901-432-5212
Note: I can only answer questions for people in Memphis or West Tennessee.

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Dan Buchanan

L. Dan Buchanan, Esq.

Dan Buchanan is a native Memphian, lifelong advocate for social justice, and a voice for the
working class.

After spending over a decade in the hospitality industry in the Atlanta, GA area, Buchanan
returned to his hometown to attend the University of Memphis where he earned Bachelor of Arts
degrees in Anthropology and History. He attained his Jurisdiction Doctorate from the Cecil C.
Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis. As a founding partner of the Ralston
Buchanan Consumer Law Group Attorney Buchanan practices consumer advocacy law with
focuses in consumer bankruptcy, fair debt collection, and auto fraud.

Memberships and Awards
National Association of Consumer Advocates
National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
National Lawyers Guild
Tennessee Bar Association
Memphis Bar Association
2019 Memphis Bar Association Champion of Justice Award

PHONE: 901-543-5045
TEXT: 901-860-4799
FAX: 901-432-5212

Chelsea Orland Cheshire

Chelsea Orland Cheshire, Esq.

Chelsea Orland Cheshire is a bright and compassionate young attorney with a passion for social justice, equity, and the arts.

While studying English Literature at the University of Memphis, Cheshire received the Best Undergraduate Thesis Award for her project entitled “Sing Truth To Power: Black Lyrics of Protest after the Civil Rights Movement.” After graduating Summa Cum Laude, she went on to study law at The University of Mississippi where she and other law students participating in the MacArthur Justice Clinic compiled a database that uncovered the rampant problem of lengthy pre-trial detentions in Mississippi jails. Having attained her Juris Doctorate and returned home to Memphis, Attorney Cheshire joined the Ralston Buchanan Consumer Law Group as the Mortgage Servicing & Loan Analyst and has expanded her practice areas to include landlord tenant issues and litigation preparation.

Memberships and Awards
National Association of Consumer Advocates
Tennessee Bar

Phone: 901-543-5045
Fax: 901-432-5212

Elizabeth Matlock

Elizabeth Matlock

Legal Assistant

Working at Ralston Buchanan Law Firm, I have learned how to support the Memphis communities that are commonly taken advantage of by “the man”. Whether clients have had legal issues with landlords, car dealerships, consumer debt, student loan debt, whatever they are going through, we can help or get them in contact with someone who can. I have developed a keen sense of compassion assisting people in my home town. Since our clients’ issues are so diverse, my skill set has greatly improved and diversified.

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