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The rising tide of bankruptcy filings by businesses of all sizes has commenced. Some will close their doors permanently, but many will squeak through, although often on a smaller scale, and almost always with fewer employees, a narrower scope, and a smaller footprint. After 27 years of practice in this area, I can tell you without a doubt that the next wave after that will be the employees, suppliers, and other little guys who supported those larger businesses when times were good.

Please know that it’s not your fault and that it is possible to bridge the gap until you find your footing again. This is why bankruptcy exists; so the “honest but unfortunate debtor” can survive the forces that are beyond their control. Whether you are a struggling business owner or one of those little guys, we can help. We absolutely will not suggest bankruptcy unless it’s the right thing to do in your situation, and we will always look for non-bankruptcy options, but if bankruptcy is the right thing, we will give it to you straight.

Let us help. It’s what we do.

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